If you are looking to start a blog, then you need to pick the profitable niche or blog topics to write a blog. Now, you must not write about any blog topics that can make money…but your goal to profitability would be the long and difficult one if you just write on “something that you are passionate about.” Writing a blog is easy. There are thousands of blogs started daily. Anyone can actually start the blog within 5 minutes, but only few of them can create the blogs that actually matter. Let us understand what do you mean by a Niche/Topic?

You will hear much about “niches”. The niche is one focused area and topic that you are going to write the blog about. “Topic” or “niche” can be used interchangeably, although I will say niche is quite specific than topic.

So, let’s start. Keep in mind all these are just the broad niches and there are many sub-niches in each one and they all come under its bigger niche.

  1. Health & Fitness

Writing a blog on health and fitness can be the tricky niches as you will get plenty of traffic from this category, but it is tough to monetize in case you do not know what you’re doing. The best way to start is with the affiliate marketing. It works very well because all your audience will be searching for the solutions to their problems and nice Amazon link to the product can help you to do wonders. Most of the blogs in this topic are generally run by the fitness trainers or athletes.

  1. Beauty and Fashion

This topic is a holy grail of the successful blogs as not just you can earn money but also get an access to some cool events. Problem though is it is difficult. Whereas other niches actually rely on good written content, beauty & fashion are mainly reliant on your ability and personality to get yourself there. Majority of the big bloggers focus on Instagram and YouTube because they’re visual platforms. When they build the following there they build out the blogs slowly. Obviously, their blogs get more lifestyle blogs, which cover many different categories beyond beauty and fashion. Why? Because this niche is about the lifestyle.

  1. . Finance

The finance blogs like investment, mutual funds, personal finance are one big hit. It is because people are in need of the financial advice when making any decision that is related to it. Thus, writing blogs on the finance will drive good amount of traffic towards your site. Thus, if you’re planning to run any ads on your blogs, you can look at its cost per click at Google Keyword Planner. There you can find various costing for the keywords. With this you can select the right keyword that you will want to write a blog.

  1. Make money online

There’re a lot of ways to earn online money. However, there are some ways that lead to scam. Thus, to make people aware of different ways of making money online, you may write blogs on this topic. In this, you may mention many ways like blogging, affiliate marketing, name some of them. People have to know the right ways of making money on internet and if you can tell them those right ways with your blog then they can earn from blogging.

  1. Travel

Traveling trend is always there. However, noting jotting down the travel experience has just picked up 2018. So if you’re the hardcore traveler, you can definitely start with your travel blog. When you’re established you can easily earn over $3000 – $5000 per month.

  1. Product reviews

People nowadays prefer reading reviews before they buy any item, thus it becomes the best blog topics to write a blog. Suppose you write down blogs on the product reviews then you’re getting the commission from a particular company in case any purchase is done from your link. It is nothing but a type of affiliate marketing. It’s not essential that you may have only good reviews. It can happen that if the product is really not good, you will need to write the negative review also.

  1. Food blogs

This niche will never go out of fashion. And food is a thing that everybody gets very much attracted towards. Thus, if you’re a good chef you can start the food blog where you can provide various recipes and add some videos if you wish. You can search for the keywords that will work best for the blog and write down content accordingly. You also can run CPC ads or earn good income.

  1. Digital marketing

This marketing field is a booming one. Suppose you’re in the digital marketing, you should start with blog topics to write a blog topic. Lots of business owners are looking for marketing tips, and if you think that you can deliver their demands, why not to begin right away? Blogs on digital marketing are one of the best ways of earning good money by Google Adsense.


  1. Wedding blogs

Nowadays people are actually looking forward to many wedding theme ideas. Many people want the destination wedding or beach wedding and more. Do you know from where this idea comes from? Suppose you have some ideas about weddings then you should write about this and help people who are looking for new ideas for wedding.

  1. Lifestyle

It is a broad topic and several sub-niches can be related for writing a blog. Topics like home decor, gardening, furniture, interiors, kitchens and more can become a topic that people are searching and finding various ways in that.


There’re many different kinds of genres you can select for writing the blogs as well as earn from blogging. Here I have given some good idea on what topics or niches you can choose to write down your blogs. Above mentioned topics will definitely rock the entire content world. So if you’re determined to start your blog then just go for it and start making money!