Are you searching for the best phone with best camera? We have put the best Android phones on test, to find an ultimate champion. It is really a tough work to find the best camera smartphone in the market – as there are many smartphones available, plenty of variables to look at, and many different taste to take in account – so how are you going to make an informed choice and know which has the finest snapper on its back?

Smartphones are getting just better day-by-day. Camera phones give you an ability to carry an excellent camera in pocket and are the game changer. Not only for updating your various social media networks: the best phones with best camera of 2018 can produce some professional video footage and shots of an extremely high standard. The flagship phones have come to a point where the raw performance will not matter much. They are differentiated by its superb design, amazing features, strong battery life, and mind-blowing photography capabilities. Here our main focus is on the photography capabilities, given that many people now have replaced their physical camera with a smartphone. Our goal is finding the best camera phone that is reasonable, for videos, photos, and even taking selfies.

How our testing is done for best camera phones?

Instead using the controlled conditions or comparing scientifically all the cameras, we tried taking videos and photos. It means using default settings and taking hand-held pictures, and not with any tripod. We have not changed any settings when taking high quality images and selfie on the best camera phone, and chose highest frame rate and resolution for the video to see the high quality offered. Many mobile phone manufacturers have 1080p as their default setting as it uses lesser storage space. Here is our 5 top picks for the best phone with best camera:

  1. Google Pixel 3
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  3. LG V40 ThinQ
  4. Apple iPhone XS Max

Huawei P20 Pro