Instagram is most of the loved app among the kids and the adults as well. It has become a content selling, audience building tool for business and individuals too. According to a recent study Instagram engagement rates is far better than the other social media services. Increasing number of active followers on your account is tricky as well as easy. But if you get a great number of followers you can also earn money through your Instagram account. Interesting huh!

I will divide it in two parts. First, I will tell you the ways to increase the number of active followers and second, I will tell you the methods to earn money out of your Instagram account.

Here are some of the ways to increase active number of followers on your account. Some of them are hard but effective and some are very easy.

1.     Create good content

As we all know ’Pictures tell thousand words’. The most important part to increase number of active followers on your Instagram is to create a very good content or most probably a viral content. The post must have a watermark of your account or an account mention in the description.

2.     Use proper hashtags

The use of hashtags in the Instagram is like a trend. You can use hashtags to popularize your post and gain attention towards your profile. You can also use ‘followforfollow’ hashtags to exchange the followers.

3.     Participate in conversations

This is a really great and fun way of increasing Instagram followers. You can participate in a conversation and if your point is good, you can get attention. The larger amount of attention, the larger will be the rate of followers.

4.     Choose best time to post

It is the best strategy to gain attention of your audience. The larger the audience, the larger the chances of getting followers. You can you your intuition to get the best time of posting the post with proper captions and hashtags as well.

5.     Giveaways and run contests

Giveaways and contests works very well if you want to increase followers rapidly. The better the giveaway, larger the chances of shootouts and hence, rapid increase in the followers. The giveaways and contests prize must be unique and worthy.

6.     Follow active users to gain a follow back

The most effective way is to analyze an active account and follow them. Keep a record of the followers you follow and who do not follow you in return. Avoid following the non-active members. You can use various services such as Socialauditpro for analytics of the social media public account.

7.     Use free and paid services for increasing Instagram followers

There are numerous ways to increase Instagram followers if you want to increase them only for showoff. Some of them are skweezer, mrinsta, idigic, igreviews, qqtube and a lot more. Here are various apps also who exchange followers such as neutrino+, halo and many more. You can use any of them to increase number of followers and likes on your Instagram account.

8.     Advertisement

The effective way to increase a targeted active followers is to use advertisement. The cost is very economical and you can easily gain followers. The main things to make an advertisement successful is a rich media content and target audience. There are also various pages on Instagram who advertise your account on their page and take money from you.

9.     Integrate with other platforms

You can also integrate with other platforms also to increase the Instagram followers’ count. While posting on Instagram you can see the option to post it on other platforms also. They can prove good to promote your content on other platforms and hence in increasing the Instagram followers.

10. A great bio works as a boost

Bio of your Instagram account works as a backbone of your online presence. The better the bio, the better will be the audience network. Craft a good bio with proper description, website name and most importantly the username. Username and image must be eye-catching. A little work on bio will increase the number of followers.

How to earn money from Instagram account?

You have really worked hard in getting your followers count to millions or billions. But what to do next after that. Here, I will tell you some ways to earn money from your Instagram account after gaining followers.

1.     Offer paid Advertisement

Daily new Instagram accounts are opening for the business purpose or any other purpose. You can outreach them, tell them about your page and help them in attaining sales. You can get a handsome amount for the sales and by posting their product images or videos on your page.

2.     Affiliate marketing

This has proven a best method to earn money from your Instagram account quickly and easily. You have to just sale one’s product and get a commission for that. There are various affiliates available in market for whom you can work and earn money. There is a website ‘Ifluenz’ available on internet which can help you to do so.

3.     Selling the account

Many peoples are interested in buying an Instagram account with already active followers. You can reach them and sell your page to get the money for your invested time and effort. I will not suggest this method as you have really worked hard in getting the followers. But some of the persons choose this method to earn money. There are various websites available on google on which you can put your account for sale and earn some money.

4.     Sell your product or services

You can earn money by selling your product to the interested customers. You just need to create a rich media content, Copy write your product very beautifully and at last, post it. Interested customer will contact you and you can deliver your services to them.

Concluding the topics, you can easily increase your Instagram followers by our methods but remember to engage and interact otherwise it will be useless. You can also use our methods to earn money from your Instagram account.

Hope, you like our methods.