Methods to Earn Paytm Cash

I know you’re excited to know different methods to earn Paytm cash. It isn’t very difficult to earn your real money there’re a few smart tricks of earning Paytm cash for free. In order, to reduce materialization in the stock trading they got DEMAT account that reduces usage of transaction time, paper, malpractice and security risk. In a same way in daily trading, we make use of hard money for doing transaction from the local grocery stores to supermarkets. But now scenario has changed, for doing retail transaction people now are storing money in their e-wallet & saving in their bank to complete some major transactions. Among other, Paytm is a leading one with more than 200M of users and giving amazing offers for the wallet users. This post is just for the smart users who want to earn Paytm money from apps by doing small gigs.

With help of these simple tricks to get free Paytm rewards and money in your Paytm wallet, you may shop on internet, make the digital payments, send it to your friend and redeem money in your account.

1) Visit PayTm Mall and earn Paytm cash

Paytm isn’t just an e-wallet business but e-mall like eBay and Amazon where you can buy cheapest sandals and latest smartphones on internet. Best part of buying on Paytm is that you get cashbacks of 80% or more discounts on the selected products.

2) Complete Tasks and get Paytm cash for free at InstaCash App

Suppose you have smartphone and some friends then you can easily earn Paytm cash by doing little tasks. On the successful completion of this task, you will get some money that can be transferred easily on your Paytm wallet. Earning with downloads is the innovative way to kill your time and get paid for this. InstaCash is the free apps that give users Paytm cash by completing certain tasks. It needs installing an app from Playstore & verifying your mobile number. Generally, users will be asked to complete certain challenges. In an end of every challenge, user gets 4 Paytm cash that is redeemed if user invites 5 friends for installing & using this app. Some other apps such as CashBoss, Ladoo, or Taskbucks assign you simple tasks such as answering the survey, downloading listed apps and signing up on the website. You can also earn Paytm cash from watching videos or downloading videos on your phone.

3) Watch ads to make free Paytm cash with Adzync

Suppose you give space on the smartphone screen for advertisers for promoting their brands you can earn Paytm cash for free from it. Yes! Ads are actually annoying but when you’re getting paid for this, nothing is “bad”. At Adzync, you just have to watch Ads and make Paytm cash. You need to install & register on Adzync app just by downloading this for free from Applestore or Playstore. You also can register the account by signing in your email id & required details. You need to link the Paytm account on Adzync to get your points credited in your wallet.

4) CashBack Sites are the perfect place of earning Paytm cash

Suppose you aren’t attracted by products listed on the Paytm then you may shop on Flipkart, Amazon, and eBay through cash back websites such as Gopaisa and CouponDunia. All the cashback will be credited back on your Paytm wallet when it reached a threshold.

5) Use coupon codes and get Paytm cash

You may have seen Paytm coupon codes at grocery items such as biscuits, washing powders, and health drinks. Just by entering this coupon code in the Paytm app you may redeem the cash. So, it is simple way to earn Paytm money from apps.

Ideas to Earn Paytm Cash

We will now discuss some of the great ideas to earn paytm cash quickly and easily.

6) NoBroker’s Click & Earn Paytm cash

NoBroker is the online property portal that connects the property owners straight with the property seekers with no intermediary in-between. So, here you will earn Paytm cash just by doing the simple geek. All you need to do is share contact details of the neighbors and acquaintance that has any property for rent or sale.

7) Download Paytm app

You need to check out the Paytm mobile app and website to get the cashback on purchase besides Paytm mall products. We can’t neglect earning Paytm cash as now you can purchase napkins, vegetables, even order food by the Paytm cash.

8) Shopping Post App

On ShoppingPost App you can earn Paytm cash by uploading any of your old purchase invoice & for app Refer. You will get Rs 25 on the sign up by using the code SAT11W & 25 Rs for each refer you make, so this is the best way to earn Paytm cash from watching videos.

9) Get PayTm cash from REVIEW DEDE App

It is one ultimate movie app for TV show reviews, movie, short movies and it gives you chance to win some amazing rewards at Reviewdede app.

10) NewsDog App get unlimited Paytm wallet free money

NewsDog is the new Paytm wallet free money app, and another way to earn Paytm money from apps.

11) Pocket Money App: Free Paytm Money Trick

Here comes the new way to make money through Paytm cash with the Pocket Money App. You can get the deal of some attractive offers and free mobile recharge with Paytm Cash on the Pocket Money, free recharge app! On Pocket money app, you can some earn Paytm cash from apps on your phone. Also, you can get talk time by refer & earn 15 Rs free Paytm cash for every referral.

12) Get free Paytm cash with Cashin Reward App

With Cashin app you can get free Paytm cash or PayPal cash by using this app. It is a free recharge app that will give you Rs 5 per refer. So, after registration, you need to go to Refer and start getting Paytm cash. You can also invite your friends and get Rs 5.

13) Earn free Paytm money with Adractive App

You get a chance to earn Paytm cash from filling surveys as well and on Adractive App you can earn just by watching phone videos in the Adractive app. There is also refer and earn way that will make you Rs 5 every refer. So, you just need to refer two friends and get Rs 10 Paytm cash.

14) Trick of earning Paytm cash through Genie Rewards App

The new Android app called Genie rewards app. It is one of the best app that will give you reward points whenever you install any other apps and explore the mobile engagement features. The rewards points are redeemed for DTH recharge, mobile, bill payment and free Paytm transfer. Another way to earn Paytm money by watching ads and complete surveys and more. Paid Survey schemes online pay for giving your opinion on some matters. You only have to provide honest views on given matter. Here’re some great offers to Earn Paytm money from filling survey and redeem this money on your Paytm wallet. There are some renowned survey apps such as Panel Station Surveys & Daily Cash that will give you such opportunity. You just need to install this app and fill up your form, and transfer earned points in your Paytm wallet.

15) Earn Paytm money from filling survey at Panel Station Survey

Panel Station Survey will allow you participate in the survey and you will get the chance for earning rewards. These surveys are very mobile-friendly, and best part is that you do not have to fill the entire survey in one go, and just save half done surveys & fill rest later on. You can register on panel station and get reward points that will range from 100 – 5000 depending on complexity of your survey. For redemption process, minimum point needed is 3000.

16) Earn Money through Daily Cash App

You can avail Paytm cash just by installing & completing survey on the Daily Cash app. Besides survey you get many other ways to earn like sharing the referral code on the social media app, earn Paytm cash from watching videos and by completing offers. When you have earned sufficient points you may convert all your points & get Paytm cash for free. Another way is to earn Paytm money by watching ads. Also you can easily transfer the amount in your account.

17) Earn Paytm cash with Goodial

There’re a lot of apps in market that will help you earn Paytm money by watching ads or playing games however Goodial is the real deal and seriously you must to try this out. The innovative dialer gives away points for each outgoing call. Besides, it detects popular places and restaurants near you and gives you the phone numbers. Thus, even if there is no internet, you may open Goodial and get your favorite food with no hassle. Before, Goodial was offering just free recharges and now you may redeem all the earnings against your Paytm money. They host refer & program where you will earn unlimited money by referring your friends.

18) Earn Paytm Cash at Hello TV

Idea to earn Paytm cash from watching videos appears weird, right? Hello TV is an app that rewards you when you play any kind of video and stream Indian channels on interne. They will not charge any monthly fees too! So, all you require is the 3G and 4G connection that I guess everybody has thanks to Reliance Jio.

19) Get PAytm cash by Completing IndiaSpeaks Survey

IndiaSpeaks is an online survey panel where consumers join hands to shape and develop products and services by voicing their opinions through surveys launched by brand-owners. They have just linked with Paytm and didi a partnership. As a promotional offer you can earn Paytm money from filling survey and they are rewarding free Rs 50 by completing a survey you are rewarded for your time you are going to take out for responding. After completion of the survey you will be given 100 Rs Paytm cash on your Paytm wallet directly.

20) Earn through Pocket Money App

If above-mentioned apps cannot satisfy your thirst to earn money by doing tasks, here is the best and safest one, Pocket Money app. With this app, you can earn Paytm money from apps, but can also earn the daily bonus just by visiting the apps every day and spending your bandwidth on them. Money you will earn through the app is very handsome compared to the earlier apps. When you complete all the offers and make some money, you may transfer your money straight to your Paytm wallet. To get, unlimited offers just install apps like Savan, Amazon, and more money.

Some tips and advice

Here are a few important tips that will make you earn Paytm money from filling survey.

• Take surveys as early as possible or it might expire.
• Regularly update the survey profile on regular basis.
• Stay honest, giving different information on each survey can put your account on risk.
• When you reach minimum threshold, instantly cash out.
• To my knowledge, there’s no website that offers you $5 and more for every survey. Suppose, any make such promise then stay away from such survey sites.
• Do not pay to join the survey panel because these are scam sites.


Make best use of all these offers and avail good amount points if possible that you can redeemed it later in your Paytm bank wallet. All these tasks are very easy and simple to complete. For many such offers, visit the site and know more.
You can also use this money for doing shopping online at your Paytm online store (Paytm Shopping Mall). Paytm online store has a wide variety of amazing products, and they also offer good cash backs, and making an effective price of these products cheaper than any other stores online.

What are you looking for? Take your smartphone and earn free money.