In today’s world, everyone wants to earn money to live a luxurious life and wants to enjoy all the facilities available in this world

People looking for a different method of earning money online. There are various methods available online from which users can earn money such as blogging, web designing, content writing, photoshop work, excel work, and others stuffs.

Apart from all the method given above, We will have a look at earning money from Youtube

As we all know Google is the most used search engine available online, after Google, users like to search query on youtube to find its solution. Users on youtube are increasing very rapidly every day.

It is the best source of free entertainment available till now. On youtube, users can watch movie trailers, songs, pranks, vlogging, cooking recipe, technology updates and much more.

You can also create product review videos and you can buy products online with amazon india coupons at discount price, make your shopping more easy and better.

As users are increasing on youtube, therefore, more brand are using youtube to promote their brand or products and youtube promote brands on youtube channel and providing a commission to them.

Now we will discuss how to earn money from youtube

There are various method of earning money from Youtube such as youtube monetization, product promotion, and affiliate marketing.

So let’s discuss each method in detail

Youtube Monetization

To earn money from youtube monetization, you need to create a YouTube video and upload it on your YouTube channel, after uploading the video, provide good title to a video, create an attractive thumbnail, proper description for a video and tags related to the video.

Tags on YouTube are similar to keywords in blogging. Keywords in blogging help content to get rank in Google search engine and tags in YouTube help video to rank in YouTube when users search for a particular query.

The most important thing in youtube is providing proper tags such as if you are creating a video for a cooking pasta then tags must be related to cooking and pasta, tags should not be related to technology or any other category.

Once your video started getting views then automatically subscribers to your channel start increase and once you meet the YouTube guidelines then you can submit your channel for YouTube monetization. After enabling YouTube monetization you can earn money from youtube

There may be chances that some of your videos might not get any views, so there is no need to depress, Always remain motivated and create good content videos, someday your videos start getting views and you can meet the YouTube monetization guidelines.

Product or App Promotion

The second method of earning money from Youtube is by product or app promotion when your YouTube channel has a good number of subscribers, then different brand or app creator will contact you and wants to promote their product or app on your videos and among your viewers. You can charge money from the brand or app creators to promote their products.

Always create a good content and always honest with your viewers. Don’t try to fool viewers by promoting wrong product among them. Good videos get more views and more likes from the viewers

Affiliate Marketing on Youtube

Affiliate marketing is earning money by referring a product to users and getting a commission on product sales. Many YouTubers are using youtube videos to promote the product and adding an affiliate link to video description to earn more money. Youtubers can earn good amount of money from affiliate marketing.

To earn money from affiliate marketing you need to create a video featuring product and providing product benefit and add a product link in the description. Among all the viewers of the video, interested viewers can purchase the product with the given link and you will get a commission on product sales.

Keep in mind, add an affiliate link in the video description to get a commission. Affiliate link helps the website to determine from where visitors have come to their website.

There are many YouTubers, who are making money from these methods. They are earning money from youtube monetization, product promotion, and affiliate marketing.

Above steps and details helps users to make money from youtube