Looking for the methods to earn free paytm cash, then you are at right place to know the method, tips, and tricks by which you can earn paytm money.

You need to follow few steps to earn money, these steps are simple and easy, to complete these tasks all you need is a smartphone and internet connection, that can be a mobile network or wifi connection.

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Before discussing steps and methods, let’s have a look at what is paytm actually.

Many of us are familiar with Paytm and its uses. Paytm is a digital payments platform that allows you to transfer cash into the wallet which is allotted to you, via online banking, debit cards, and credit cards, or even by depositing cash via banks.

That was a little information about paytm, Now come to our main point,

How to earn free paytm cash quickly?

Well, you can simply follow the given methods to get free paytm money online by completing simple tasks on your smartphone. You just need to know where to start, and you can earn a good amount of Paytm cash.

With the help of easy tricks to earn free Paytm rewards & money in your wallet, you can shop online, make digital payments, send to a friend, or redeem the money in your bank account.

Using these apps are very easy. Just by installing some other popular apps, watching videos or completing some other tasks, you can earn money and transfer it to your Paytm wallet.

One of the methods of earning paytm cash is by completing tasks on apps.

We will discuss in detail how to earn money from Apps like Ladoo, instacash, cashpanda

Ladoo App

The ladoo app helps you earn online cash by installing apps, on your mobile. The money earned by this method can be used for transferring, bill payments, mobile recharges, online shopping. Note that while transferring money to your Paytm account, 10% of the amount will be deducted as transaction charge by Ladoo. And if you like the app, then refer it to your friends to earn more money.

Steps to earn money via Ladoo:

  1. Install the ladoo app from google play store
  2. Open and sign up to ladoo app
  3. Complete the tasks given such as installing other apps, watching ads/videos, sharing content on social media etc.
  4. After completing the task, assigned money transfer to your wallet.

You can also earn money by referring ladoo app to your Friends.

After the given task has been successfully completed, the said amount will be credited to your Ladoo account and you can transfer the amount to your paytm wallet. Minimum 10 rs required in your ladoo account to transfer money to your paytm wallet.

You can easily earn 100 rs from ladoo app.

Cash Panda

It’s another “free paytm cash” app, where you can earn points by watching videos, scratching card and completing other tasks. You get the opportunity to redeem the earned points in real cash. Your rewards can be credited to your Paytm account. Tasks include clicking on the advertisements, watching free videos, etc. You can earn thousands of rupees from cash panda app. You can also refer cash panda app to your friends and earn upto 5000 coins.

now have a look at steps to make money by Cash Panda:

  1. Install and sign up to the Cash Panda app
  2. Complete the tasks such as watching videos, scratching card, spinning, profile completion, ad click, installing apps
  3. Installing the Flipkart app lets you earn 400 points, while by installing PhonePe, you earn 150 points.
  4. Once you have 5000 points in your cash panda account, you can transfer amount to paytm wallet.

When you accumulate a lot of points by referring cash panda app to your friends and also get a 10% commission on their work.

InstaCash App

InstaCash is one of the free apps which provides the users daily free Paytm cash with the completion of some tasks. It requires installing the app from Playstore and verifying the mobile number.

Basically, the users are asked to complete some challenges. At the end of each challenge, the user gets points which user can redeem to paytm wallet.

Steps to Earn free paytm Cash from Insta cash

  1. Install insta cash app from google playstore and sign up to the app
  2. Open any challenge and complete it
  3. Points added to your account on completing challenges.

Refer insta cash app among your friends and get a chance to win more points and make money.

Adzync app

Till now, you don’t get paid for watching ads, but from now, there is no need to skip ads, you can earn free paytm cash by watching ads.  You can earn money from the adzync app. Watch videos and ads on adzync app and earn money from it.

Steps to earn money from Adzync app

  1. Install and Sign up to adzync app to your smartphone
  2. Watch ads for given time
  3. Points transferred to your account on watching ads
  4. Redeem points to your paytm wallet.

You can earn 25 points on referring adzync app to your friends and relatives and also get commission.

Panel Station App

This app helps users to earn money by filling survey. In this app, user opinion app matter alot. Panel station app provides survey to the user and also mention the date to complete the survey and also mention point that user can earn from filling the survey.

After completing the survey, user get the points in its panel station account and user can purchase a ticket from these survey or transfer the amount to make free paytm cash. Anyone can earn from this app.

Below are some of the steps given to use panel station app

User need to have a smartphone and internet connection to earn free paytm cash, amount can be easily transfer to paytm wallet and can be used for various purpose such as mobile recharge, dth recharge, shopping, bill payment and many more.

One of the best app to make free paytm cash, 

Install and sign up to the panel station app

complete the  profile details as it is necessary to get survey

After completing the profile, user get survey on a daily basis, and once user completed the survey, user earned the points and redeem these points to earn free paytm cash.

There is no problem in earning from these app, only user need to complete the survey on time to get points, if user doesn’t complete the survey on time, user didn’t get the points.

Above are the points to earn free paytm cash by filling survey. Many users are using this app and earning thousand of cash by filling simple survey.

Simple and user friendly interface, easy to access and points can be easily redeem and transfer to paytm wallet.

If you are unable to access the app or finding any problem in installing and point redeemation, you can contact us and we will try to provide the best solution to use the app and earn free paytm cash.

NetFox App

Everyone like playing games, solving puzzle, solving algebric puzzle. So this app is surely for you. This app allows its user to make free paytm cash. All you need to do is perform simple task and on solving task, points to be alloted to user and users can redeem these points to earn free paytm cash. its to simple and quick way to make money just by playing games, puzzle and app installation.

Now let have a look at how to use this app to earn more free paytm cash

Below is a list of steps to follow

  1. Install Netfox application from google playstore
  2. Sign up to app by providing details asked by apps
  3. Select the task from the category you like such as solving puzzle, playing games etc
  4. once you complete the task, you earn the points and you can redeem these points to earn free paytm cash.

User can easily install this app from google playstore, there is no problem in installing this app and users can easily redeem the points. Users can make good amount of money from this app. All you need to do is perform simple task and the points given to you for completing the task can be utilize to earn free paytm cash and use the amount in paying electricity bill, mobile recharge, book movie ticket etc.

Lenskart App Refer and Earn

Lenskart App Refer and Earn gives you a chance to earn Rs.100 in your Paytm wallet every single time you invite your friend.

Lenskart referral program is only applicable if the referee is a new user. The referrer needs to share the link in social media site like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. After the referee installs the app and purchases any product using your referral link you get to earn Rs. 100

A maximum amount of Rs 1000 you can earn by inviting 10 new users using your referral code. Referrer can also earn benefits by synchronizing the contact on the phonebook, where no referral code is required. Here referral code will be getting the first priority, then the contact sync

Now look at the games by playing we can earn paytm cash for free, Games such as fruit tosser, bulb smash game, Battle of Dots and many more.

Fish Wallet App

If you don’t want to earn free paytm cash by referrring or completing useless task, then this application is for you to earn paytm cash. This app allow you to earn good money just by completing task and you can earn upto rs 1 for completing 1 task and if you complete 20 task, then you win 20 rs and you can trasfer money to paytm wallet

Have a look how Fish Wallet app works

Its very simple to use and earn free paytm cash from this app

Steps to follow to make money from fish wallet

  1. Search Fish wallet app on google and install it from the trusted store.
  2. Once you install, sign up to the app
  3. Task will be shown to you, look at the task and complete each task
  4.  On Completion of task, 1 rs will be credited to your account
  5.  Same way, you can complete other task and earn more paytm cash
  6.  Last transfer the money to paytm wallet.

These are the simple steps to earn free paytm cash using fish wallet app. Using this app is very easy as user interface of this app is completely user friendly.

If you find any problem in install and using this app, you can contact us, we will help you to solve the problem and resolve the issue.

We have also suggested some more method to earn free paytm cash and given methods are simple and efficient for new users

Stick Pool Club App

This is another app to earn free paytm cash. This application let users to win points and converting points into paytm cash. Stick pool club app provides 1 rupee in exchange of 10 points. Therefore, If you have 1000 points then you can exchange 1000 points to earn 100 rupees paytm cash.

In this application, you have to play and win pool game to earn points. On signing up app via facebook, you earn few points and you use these points to play game and when you win the game, more points added to your wallet, but if you lose the game, you lost the points that used for playing games.

This is a good application to earn free paytm cash, this app is not like other application where you have to watch videos or ads to earn points.

You can earn points by referring app to friends and earned points exchange for money or playing more games. The more you win the game, the more you earn paytm cash.

Steps to use Stick Pool App

  • Search stick pool app on google and install it.
  • Sign up to the app via facebook to earn points, these points are necessary as they let you play a game
  • After winning the game, you earn more points and earned points can be redeemed in to earn free paytm cash.
  • Make sure you should have at least 50 points in your wallet to play game, if you don’t have 50 points, then you can’t play the game, and in this situation you can earn points only by referring app.

These are the simple steps to earn free paytm cash using stick pool app. Try this app and earn more and more free cash in quick time just by playing games.

Fruit Tosser App

Fruit tosser is not only an addictive game but it also gets tricky with each level. The games start with shooting and firing the fruits with a canon. The aim can be set by dragging the laser by finger. As you start playing this fun game, the level moves up and gets trickier. After the user completes first 5 levels, a unique code is allotted. This unique code gets you Rs.500 Paytm cash or Paytm recharge. The game is absolutely free and required no installation charges. You can either play the game online or offline, as and when you want.

Fantastic Wallet App

One of the best app to earn free paytm cash, You can earn lot of money in a day using fantastic wallet app. Installing and using this app is very easy. You can earn good money just by completing task instead of referring. If You can refer it to your friends, then you can earn more and more free paytm cash. But if You don’t want to refer app, that’s ok, as you can earn free paytm cash simply completing the task.

Task in fantactic wallet are related to ads, On task completion you win a rupee and after completing each task, one rupee added to your wallet.

let’s have a look at the steps on using this app

  1. Install and Sign up to Fantastic wallet app. Search on google to install the fantastic app
  2. Signing up required details such as phone number, email addess, name such information.
  3. complete the profile by providing  details.
  4. Application interface shows task and complete the task to win a rupee.
  5. Amount will be credited to account only after completing the task and next task will be shown after completing previous task.
  6. Incomplete task doesn’t let you to win the amount.
  7. Complete all the task one after one, let you to earn free paytm cash.

These are all the steps, users should follow on fantastic app to earn free paytm cash, once amount credited to paytm wallet, users can utilize the amount in mobile recharge or other works.

Bulb Smash Game

We all have definitely played bubble breaking and shooting games in our lives. Bulb Smash is another addictive bulb shooting game which gives you Paytm cash of Rs.5 for each referral made. The offer is not restricted to referrals only, you will get rewarded for signing up on this app as well. The sign-up reward is restricted to Rs.10 which gets credited in the Paytm wallet. These rewarded can be transferred to the Paytm wallets and used for recharges or payments.

Battle of Dots

Here comes another exciting game which delivers rewards for playing and signing up. Battle of Dots, as the name suggests, is a dots game which can be played with friends online or with computer bot offline. This game structure different set of rewards for different ranks. For example, The first ranker with receive Rs.200 paytm cash, the second ranker will receive Rs.100 Paytm cash, third will get Rs.50 and Rs.20 for fourth & fifth rank holders.

Bat2Win Gaming App

Install-Play-Earn-Repeat! Exclusively for the cricket game lovers, Bat2win is another free game. With this game, you can earn up to Rs,500 Paytm cash if you make it to the leaderboard. Build up your score against the Yorkers, Bouncers, Spin bowling and all the tactics of cricket; and get the Paytm earning started.

Fill Online Paid Surveys To Add Money To Your Paytm Wallet

The best part of paytm is that you can use it for a whole lot of services like recharging, shopping, money transfer etc. Using these offers, you can earn free paytm cash in your wallet account by completing various online surveys, reviews, and questionnaires.

Online Paid Survey schemes pay for putting your opinion on certain matters. You just need to provide your honest views on the given matter. Here are a few great offers where you can earn paytm cash by completing the surveys and redeem that money to your Paytm wallet.

There are few renowned survey apps like Panel Station Surveys and Daily Cash that give you this kind of opportunity. Install the app and start filling up the form, later transfer the earned points to your Paytm wallet.

These were the few ways to earn free paytm cash.

Ludo Champ App

Have you ever thought of earning free paytm cash just by playing ludo, if no, then look at the method how you can earn money by playing ludo on your smartphones?

In Ludo champ app, you get some points to play ludo and there are different options to play such as tournament and championship, you will also find options to select the player for playing ludo. You can start playing with 2 players as there will be more chance for you to win, in four player game, there are less chance of winning game compare to 2 player games.

Once you win the game, you can redeem the points to earn free paytm cash.

Steps to play Ludo Champ App

  • Install the app from play store and sign up to app
  • select the game type such as tournament or championship
  • then select the players
  • play ludo and win to earn free paytm cash.

These are the some of the simple methods to earn paytm money and there is more app available in play store from them, you can also earn paytm cash.

We regular update this post to provide you the best of the application to earn more money.