Everyone is having an urge to earn money in a more speedy way. Money earning Smartphone apps are getting popular by the day. Reason being that you can easily make money on the go and aren’t limited to your desktop PC anymore. Smartphones are more closer to use than other devices. How come we could start earning from these smartphones. Smartphones apps to earn money from phone

These 10 Smartphone apps can make you earn a decent amount to money to manage your livelihood. It may take time to earn a quite good amount, but after a few days or month, you can earn a really good amount. Some apps may provide less amount for a particular task while other pay quite a good amount for the same task. Always read rules and guidelines of the app to know more about it.


Cash for Apps is an app that allows its users to earn money by downloading other apps and running them. How it works is that there’s a list of available apps to download and each app has different points that are paid for downloading them. You will earn approximately $.10- $.50 per app.  What’s good about this app is that it’s a simple way to make extra money without having to do anything.


Paypal is a powerful platform. Most know it because of eBay. However, you can use the platform to run virtually any business. It can accept payments from virtually anywhere and you can use it to manage invoices, payments, and sales from various websites if you want to. There is another app by PayPal called PayPal Business that is made specifically for small business owners. It won’t make you money on its own, but it can help if you have an idea for a business

Surveys On The Go

Surveys on the Go is an app that lets you complete surveys for money. Unlike many where you get points or Google Opinion Rewards, this one pays out in cash. Admittedly, there are only a few surveys available during any given month. Thus, don’t expect to be rolling in dough. However, it’s good for those who just want to earn a few extra bucks here and there. The app itself is a little blandly designed, but it’s easy enough to use. It’s not an absolute must, but it is one of the stable money making apps as long as you don’t expect the moon


CoSign is another great app that lets you earn money by uploading photos on social media. It works by taking pictures of products you like or have and uploading them on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest with the description of the product along with its cost. These products can be of any sort, from clothing to tech products to household items, basically just about anything.


Fronto is an Android lock screen app that pays you to unlock your phone screen and see an ad. Once you download the app, it starts showing you targeted ads on your lock screen. Every time you unlock your phone screen, you interact with the ad and you instantly get paid. How it works is that once you download the app, you fill out your profile along with your interests. The app will then show you ads related to your interests. And every time you unlock your phone, you earn points that can be exchanged for cash.


iPoll app pays you to share your opinions about any experiences or products. Basically, the app requires you to complete surveys of any kind for market research and pays you cash for your time. There are two types of missions or surveys you can do; one is location-based, where you have to go to a specific location/business and complete a survey about your experience. And the second type is to watch a video or complete a survey to earn cash.

Google Opinion Rewards

With Google Opinion Rewards, you can answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credits with ease. Once installed, you will be prompted to answer basic questions about yourself. Google will then send you a survey once a week, which will allow you to earn up to $1 in Play credit. it’s easy, simple, and will eventually pay for a cup of coffee.


This app allows you to earn points to check into different stores, watch videos and other stuff. These points can later be redeemed for gift cards. To start making points you have to download the app and get signed up. After that, you can make points by going to the “check-in” page that displays different stores you are paid to check in at, or watch videos or get paid to sign up on different websites.


YouTube is a decent source of passive income if you don’t mind the hard work. It’s probably difficult to get into well-established areas like tech, news, etc. However, if you can find a good niche and a decent audience, you can make a few bucks every month. Don’t expect tens of millions of subscribers, but the right kind of content, consistency, and a good work ethic can score you enough to get by. It’s tough, competitive, and it requires some creativity. However, many people make a fine living off of YouTube

App Trailers

App Trailer is an app that allows you to earn some money by watching videos. If you have some free time on your hands then this app will be great for you. How it works is simple; download the app, log in to the system and start watching videos like music, movie or game videos.   You can also earn points by uploading videos and also by getting likes your videos. Once you have accumulated your points, you can redeem them for gift cards or cash.