Nowadays, blogging is a trend.

Doesn’t matter for what reason, you’re blogging and looking to start a Blog for free. But, everyone has a blog. Somebody is at BlogSpot, someone at and self-hosted blog, some are using Tumblr to make a blog, but, everybody have their presence online through Blog. Suppose you’re wondering, how to start a blog and make money from blogging, then this guide will be of great help to you. So, what it takes to start the successful blog and earn money online?

Starting a Blog: Complete Step-by-Step Guide

More you plan and prepare, more likely you will succeed in a long term.

  1. Choose the Topic

First thing to get clear is what you will write on your blog. Define the niche or topic, and design your content over those things. This can help you not just focus your writing, but build the digital products or services that will compliment your content. It allows you attract customers, and attracting them with your informative posts. This must tempt them before dropping them in the sales funnel.

  1. Pick a Platform

Whereas WordPress is one most famous platform for blogging, there’re many others that are leveraged like the micro-blogging platform such as and Tumblr. But, if you are serious to earn from blogging efforts, you will likely go with the WordPress installation on the custom domain. Whereas you can setup the blog on with the subdomain like, you will get good traction with the self-hosted solution. After that, you can use the subdomains on the popular platforms for the content marketing efforts.

  1. Select the Domain Name

The custom domain names are very important if you are serious to earn from blogging. Instead relying on the 3th party hosted domain, find the short and relevant keyword-rich domain name that is expressive of your topic, niche or industry. Use HostGator, BlueHost, or other domain name providers that can source your domain.

Suppose you are concerned about SEO, when choosing the domain name, you must adhere to some following suggestions:

  • Keep your domain short, not 15 characters or more
  • Use top-level domain like .com and .net
  • Avoid using any self-hosted subdomains for ranking posts
  • Do not buy the domain name with any hyphens, as they are associated with spammers


  1. Go for the Good Hosting Company

There’re many good web hosting companies. Suppose you want to start a blog for free, there are plenty of options for you. One important thing is do your research and choose the best one that is appropriate for your budget and ensure that up-time guarantee and service-level is there. When you start blogging and make money, you will have to start with either the Managed WordPress or Virtual Private Server to scale from there. Probably, you will need the dedicated-hosting with the CDN when you break through some thousand visitors daily.

  1. Caching & CDN (Content-Delivery Networks)

Use the system like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache and turn on the browser caching to make sure you speed up your webpages delivery. In the start, this may not appear very important. But when you grow and traffic increases to some thousands visitors daily, this can be very important. Make use of Page Speed Insights of Google to test out before and after your installation. It is also very important you setup the CDN that can speed up your global delivery of content.

  1. Enable Permalinks

When you start a blog for free through WordPress, you must enable permalinks before you get things off that can give you good canonical URLs, which are SEO-friendly. The permalinks are located in the settings and permalinks section of the WordPress admin and choose the post name.

  1. Install Google Analytics

The best way to earn from blogging is to Install Google Analytics and with this you can keep complete track of all your efforts when building your blog. It is one best way to keep the track of all your results when using URL campaign builder while dropping links in the social media or other places so you will effectively decide where the traffic comes from.

  1. Set up Webmaster Tools

Anybody who is very serious to start blogging and make money, has to leverage webmaster tools by Google to know what keywords they are ranking for or any messages that can impact their capability to rank. It can allow you submit the XML sitemap or track keyword impressions all along with the click-through rates. It is very useful tools to grow your website and blog through the constant analysis.

  1. Learn SEO

Even though you must not start the blog with an intention of optimizing this to oblivion, you certainly must know the basic principles of SEO, so you will pay more attention to some key aspects that can impact your capability to rank on the search engines. Start with Webmaster Guidelines, and implement this information. Understanding SEO is the long & drawn out journey.

  1. Build Useful Content

Suppose you are very serious in succeeding your blog, you have to build some useful anchor content. This has to be very engaging, insightful, keyword centric, well written and unique. Do not write content for the search engines. Instead, write the content for humans whereas paying homage to the search engines or what they want. Just put, it is the skill that develops with time and practice. It’s very important to often publish the content on the weekly basis.

  1. Sign Up to Email Marketing Platform

Best avenue to make money from blogging is via email marketing, simple and plain. Hands down, it offers the fastest and best strategies to earn an income through blog. However, before you start, you have to sign to the email marketing platform such as ConvertKit, Aweber, Constant Contact, MailChimp, InfusionSoft and other platforms out there.


There are many methods to monetize the content and earn from blogging, but do not try to take any shortcuts along your way. Never look for fast-buck if you are serious about the long-term results. So, take right action and be persistent if you wish to succeed in achieving your goals.