Everyone loves travelling. Travelling gives peace of mind and helps in feeling relaxed. Many people are not able to live their moment and enjoy freely due to the low budget or shortage of money during travelling do not let them do so. Very frustrating!

One saves money on the tickets of flight booking, bus booking, train booking. One saves the money on hotel booking and restrict exploring high budget places. We all do these to save money for expenses.

But there are also various ways to earn money while travelling and maintain the cash flow. Earning money during travelling also helps in living the best of the moment and forget about money issues.

But the question arises ‘What are the ways to earn money’?

Here are top 7 ways to earn money with travelling or on the go:

1.     Work as a freelancer

Most of the time you are free while travelling. If you have a laptop with you and have basic knowledge about computers, this is the right job for you in free time. You can hook up on websites who pay to work as a freelancer. These websites include freelancer.com, fiverr.com, upwork.com and many more can be found out on the google but I will personally suggest you these website. You can easily search your niche work on these and work for the job providers. They give payment fast and you do not have to think more about money.

2.     Sell your clicked photographs

Photography is enjoyed by everyone. Some are interested in clicking photos of themselves and some are interested in clicking photos of the nature and surroundings. But how can you earn money with photographs. The answer is simple, there are various platforms who can help you to sell your photos. The platforms include payloadz.com, shutterstock.com, alamy.com, gettyimages.com, Etsy.com and many more can be found on google. So start clicking good photos and sell them to maintain cash flow. Show your photography talent to the world.

3.     Work as a salesman

If you are good in selling something and interacting with the peoples. You can easily make money by selling products and earn an affiliate income. Every seller wants to sell their items and can pay you if you sells the product. This will help you in making some money and managing your expenses with travelling. There are also various apps such as tez, phonepe, paytm which gives you money for referring. You can also use them to generate side income.

4.     Writing for websites

If you are good in content writing, you can write for various websites in the tourism niche as a travel blogger. They can easily pay you a handsome amount of money, if you write a quality article for them with your own photographs. You have to just contact them and show your work. Some of the website that accepts travel niche are trillophilia.com, becurious.co.in, travelbluebook.com and much more. Start writing your experience about the places and earn some money while travelling.

5.     Work as a travel guide

If you have a knowledge about the place you are just travelling. You can use that knowledge to earn some extra money for your own expenses. You can work as a tour guide and help the fellow travelers to experience the place with another perspective. Travel guide gets a good income and in this way you do not have to worry about shortage of money. Another profit of this work is that you are helping others by sharing your knowledge. Sharing is caring!

6.     Work as a volunteer

Volunteers are required in every work whether it is a small or large. You can use this opportunity to earn an extra income for your travelling. The work of a volunteer will not pay you much but as we all know ‘something is better than nothing’, so why not use this opportunity. You can also build a travel network with the fellow members and also gain experience. But then the question arrives ‘Where can I find the volunteer job’? There are various websites on google that can help you find the job such as grassroot volunteering, indeed.com, naukri.com etc.

7.     Get paid to travel

This is the best way of earning money while exploring. There are various companies who will pay you to just explore places. Pretty Interesting! There are various sponsorship events organized by large companies who will pay you for that. For example, Royal Enfield organized a trip to Ladakh from Jaipur where they provided everything including hotels, food travel expenses and much more. You just have to take your bike there and register on it. In this way, the whole trip is free for the explorers. So, what are you waiting for go find some companies who sponsor’s event. You can also become flight attendant, they pays you for the job and also gives free trips to places along with your family. In this way, your tickets price is saved.

These are the best 7 ways by which you can earn money with travelling and exploring places. By implementing these ways, you do not have to worry about the expenses or shortage of money. Forget about restricting yourself to explore and enjoy your travelling with full energy.

Keep travelling keep exploring!

If you know more ways to earn money during travelling, don’t forget to tell them in comments. If you like our ways to earn money with travelling then don’t hesitate in sharing them.