Thinking of good and funny wifi names that you can use with your router. Sometimes it seems to be more confusing to select good wifi names for a router. Most of the router user like to make their wifi name funny, so anyone look at their network found it to be unique and good.

Many of times, funny wifi names are shown in wifi network and some of them are more unique and so good that brings a smile of a face and then you also thinking of such funny wifi names that can bring a smile to other face or something creative.

To help you in selecting funny wifi names, we have listed some of the good names that you can implement and use.

There are various category in which we have distributed wifi names, you can check the category and select the names that suit you the most. You can also take the help from it to make it more creative and you can also suggest some funny wifi names that we can put in below category.

Best wifi names list for friends

Best buddy


Best among all

New friends

Friends forever

Buddy forever

Bestie buddy

Funny wifi names for friends

Stay away

Not so close

Not to use

Ask before use

Friends for benefit

Miser friends

Not to hate

Not to miss

Always Lie

Best wifi names for a girlfriend

Best gf ever


Miss you always

Always my priority

Everything for you

Love  forever

World for you

Lots of love

My lover

My life My lover

My angel

My sweetheart

Love is life

Can’t without you

More than friends

Cute Gf

Love you always

Never Leave me

These are some of the best and funny wifi names. We regularly update our list and add good, unique and funny wifi names. You can find various types of names as per your requirement and need.